A Call to Action for the Elites of Europe


We refuse to accept Europe’s failure in dealing with climate change. The time has come to develop and implement an ambitious strategy for a sustainable future. The survival of future generations may depend on it!

To the present and future leaders of the Europe, 

Unmitigated Climate Change will cause catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet's ecosystems within the next decades. Although global leaders have made an unprecedented global commitment to reduce global warming to under 2°C in the Paris Agreement, the IPCC emphasizes that in terms of tangible policy outcomes, hardly any progress has been made.

This unfortunately also applies to the European Union and according to most recent estimates, not one single EU Member State will meet its climate targets for 2030. This failure is something we refuse to accept - Europe must fully commit to the fight against climate change if it is serious about creating a sustainable future. The survival of future generations may depend on it!

We are committed to fighting climate change, promoting innovation, lowering the cost of labor and increasing employment – while at the same time favoring clean energy and shifting the cost of emissions away from society to the polluters. To create such an environmentally sustainable tax system, we demand a drastic shift in European policy according to the following principles:

  1. A Carbon Tax is the most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions. Those responsible for greenhouse gas emissions are on the full burden of their environmental impact and carbon-neutral technologies are thus incentivized.
  2. A Carbon Tax will need to be introduced in phases and increased gradually so that consumers and producers have time to adapt. At the same time, other taxes will be reduced correspondingly to avoid additional burdens.  
  3. This robust, gradually increasing Carbon Tax should replace other carbon fees and regulation. This may be implemented via a larger emission trading system or direct pricing of carbon. Thus complicated, bureaucratic regulation is replaced by direct price signals, facilitating long term planning and economic growth as well as legal certainty for sustainable businesses and investments.
  4. To prevent a competitive disadvantage for European businesses and production moving overseas, a Carbon Tariff on goods entering the EU must compensate for emissions created outside the single market. This will strengthen low carbon industries in Europe and create incentives for other countries to adopt similar legislation.  
  5. In order to prevent an unequal impact of the Carbon Tax, revenue generated must be used to decrease the cost of labor, especially for lower incomes. This will ensure that the fight against climate change will also create economic growth and lower unemployment.

We are therefore appealing to the current and future leaders of Europe to take the threats of climate change seriously, take action and introduce a European carbon tax as soon as possible. 


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The Signatories

Sepp Schellhorn, 
Member of Parliament
Prof. Edmund Phelps,
Nobel Laureate Economist
Birgit Minichmayr, 
Thomas Maurer, 
Vea Kaiser, 
Prof. Martin Kocher, 
Economist & Head of the IHS